Much like a trademark, a domain name is a piece of intellectual property (IP). If someone has registered, and is using, a domain name that should belong to you in an abusive manner, we may be able to help you gain ownership of that domain though a fast and simple arbitration process. Examples of abusive behavior by others which may entitle you to gain control of their domain, include their: (1) registering a domain name that is a misspelling of your domain, (2) registering a domain name that is similar enough to your domain that users looking for you are arriving at their domain by mistake, (3) designing or operating a website that mimics your website in some way that confuses users, or causes them to believe you condone or are associated with the infringing domain, and (4) embarassing you or your users by putting objectionable material on a domain name similar to yours (such as pornography). Individuals and organizations which engage in these behaviors are called cybersquatters or cyberpirates. Cyberpirates often engage in the above listed behaviors in an attempt to extort exorbitant purchaes prices for the infringing domain name out of legitmate website owners. The quasi-private authority which controls ownership of all domain names is called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). ICANN provides a simple procedure for resolving disputes related to abusive behavior, and we can represent you in availing yourself of that procedure by initiating an arbritration proceeding. We do this by filing what is called a UDRP Complaint (or QCP or CEDRP Complaint).
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